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Yesying produces high quality Stainless Steel or powder coating Pedal Bins for usage in your home or office. There are trash bin’s of different shapes, sizes and quality. Yesying trash cans with the features that could fit your multiple needs best. Our waste bins are perfect for storing all of your recyclables and garbage, and they’re also great for keeping your home clean and tidy. They’re durable and easy to operate, so you’ll be able to handle everything on your own without any trouble. Plus, pedal bins are of hand free, so you can stick them anywhere in the room without having to worry about having to bend down or make your hand polluted. If you’re looking for a gabage bin that’s both easy to use and practical, you should definitely give a pedal bin a try!Pedal bins are useful and common trash cans. they usually can be found in the kitchen, bathroom drawers as well as utility rooms,living room,restaurant and hotel. these types of waste container have been very popular since many years now especially due to its stylish design which is also functional and practical at the same time.

Waste bin with lid and foot step: It ensures that the trash stays inside, and its pedal makes it easy for anyone to move around. With plastic liner bucket, the waste could be cleaned easily, especially for wet residual.It is easy to assemble and clean plastic liner inside.
Trash bin without lid: Throw the rubbish easily and directly to these bins. It is suitable for office or study room. Smart bag lock could be used for locking or holding the removable plastic bag in place before you lift the bag.
Quiet trash can: Optional choice for damper if you would like to avoide any noice when press the foot step.The damper design makes the pedal bin operate quietly, and it is easy to operate the pedal bin when it is loaded with trash or wet garbage.
Kitchen compostable bin:Yesying provies the perfect kitchen compostable bins for anyone looking for an easy and convenient way to dispose of kitchen waste. Made from durable and high quality materials, this bin is easy to clean and fits all kitchens. Simply place your kitchen waste in the bin, let it compost, and then you’re done! With Yesying, you’ll never have to worry about smells or pests in your kitchen again. Enjoy hassle-free composting!
Recycling Bin: Yesying produces the rectangular pedal bins with 2 or 3 compartment for garbage classification, With the help of this pedal bin, you can organize different kinds of rubbish easily. Different capacities are avaialble.
Various capacity:Trash can of 3L/5L are applied for bathroom and, 12L/30L/40L for kitchen.

Yesying step cans are made of rustproof stainless steel or steel with powder coating finish. All the gabage bins are durable, cost-effective, elegant, traditional, suitable for kitchen and bathroom.Our dust bins resist rust, corrosion and staining for a long time.Easy to clean with a brush and water or a detergent or detergent liquid. Various colours are available for your choice.OEM is also available.

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