Wine Rack

Wine racks is a furniture for storage and protection of wine bottles but not treasure boxes. Wine racks are tall and narrow units that are also known as wine coolers. They provide a space-saving, circulation and preservation storeroom.Wine racks are products that have been in a household for countless years and still are used in an industrial wine cellar. Wine racks have grown very specialised, they are designed to store specific varieties of wine. Our craftsman with the expertise and knowledge to manufacture finest metal wire wine rack.
Supports different bottles:The metal wire wine rack is a great way to store your wine bottles. It is made of sturdy metal and can hold up to several bottles of wine. The rack is also slanted so that the wine bottles are tilted slightly, allowing the wine to breathe better. This helps to prevent the formation of oxygenation pockets within the wine, which can lead to spoilage.For sycrup bottle, the vertical stand rack works perfect and we could also customize it according to your bottle specification.

Suitable for indoors or outdoors:Yesying metal wire wine racks are the perfect way to store your wine collection. Whether the consumer is a professional sommelier or a casual collector, our racks are built to last and will keep the wine bottles safe and secure. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, we have the perfect solution for any home or business.

Made out of high quality material:If you’re looking for a high quality and durable wine rack, then you should definitely check out Yesying. We specialize in producing metal wire wine racks that are perfect for both home and commercial use. Made out of high quality steel or stainless steel combined with bamboo/wood/leather.All the bottle racks are built to last and can accommodate a wide variety of wine bottle sizes. Whether you need a small rack for a few bottles or a large one for an extensive collection, Yesying has you covered.

Multiple capacities:metal wine rack are the perfect way to store and display your favourite bottles of wine. Whether you have a large collection or just a few precious bottles, metal wine racks offer both style and functionality. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any space, and can be easily customized to hold any number of bottles.Not only for wine bottle but also for wine glass or wine stopper.

If you’re looking for a metal wine rack that can accommodate a large collection, look for one with multiple shelves or tiers. For a smaller collection, a single-tier metal wine rack will suffice. If you have an extensive collection, you may want to consider a custom-built metal wine rack.When choosing a metal wine rack, pay close attention to the construction and finish. The best racks are made from high-quality materials and finished with durable powder coating or plating. This ensures that your rack will withstand the test of time and continue looking great for years to come.
Eye catching design: Yesying provides metal wire wine bottle holder that will really stand out. We create eye-catching designs that are sure to impress your guests. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, they have a style to suit your taste. And best of all, their prices are very competitive. Yesying is definitely the place to go for bulk production.
Different sizes:Yesying metal wire wine racks come in three different sizes to meet your needs – one, two and three tiers. They are perfect for storing and displaying your wine collection, and they look great doing it! Whether you have a large or small collection, these racks will keep the wines organized and easy to find.
Yesying will arrange the production according to your specified requirement.

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