Gancho de puerta

Yesying is committed to providing high-quality door hooks and wall hooks. Our products have no need for drilling, and can be removed for easily switching between rooms. As a professional, Yesying’s door hooks provide a design that is attractive, safe, and durable.
Stop wasting your time and energy trying to keep your living space organized. Put our door hook or wall hook to work for you. It’s the perfect solution for renters, homeowners, students, or anyone who needs an easy way to store their items. Our hooks are perfect for bedrooms, apartments, dorms, or hotel rooms.

Bathroom Hooks: Hanging it to the bathroom door or to the shower glass door will provide the handy and efficent convenient to catch the clothes, robe, towel or sponge.Stainless steel material or steel with powder coating are available and good to anti-corrosion.
Cabinet Hooks: The depth and the height of the hanging part could be adjusted to any door for proper and very fit application.
Bedroom Hooks:Not only to provide sufficient space to storage the clothes, hat, hand bag, neckerchief, but also to provide the decoration to the room and upgrade the life taste.
Render’s Hooks: Removable door hook is very easy and ideal to applied to the door without drilling or damage to the door. Keep everything tidy and neat when you are moving home or dormitary.
Wall mounted hooks: Yesying also produced a lot of wall mounted hooks for home storage. The rail of hooks could be super sturdy and heavy loading with 2 wall mounting screws. The novelty design is also the wall decor or home decor.
Tooling Hooks: Yesying specializes in the metal wire hooks perfect for clearning tools hanging and storage not only for clothes.

Yesying’s Metal wire hanging hook, is an intelligent yet simple and elegant solution for those of you who have a hard time reaching the top of your doors! Considering our existing door hook design for production or providing your drawing of the hook for us to make it reality are both avaialble. Experience a new way to “get your life together” with this small yet ingenious product.

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