À quoi devez-vous faire attention lorsque vous utilisez des corbeilles à fruits en métal ?

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  1. Cleaning and maintenance: Before using the metal fruit basket, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure hygiene. During use, the fruit basket should be kept dry and clean, and wiped and washed regularly to remove dirt and bacteria. Also, care needs to be taken to avoid sharp or hard objects that can abrade or damage metal surfaces.
  2. Arrangement: When displaying fruits, they need to be displayed reasonably so that customers can intuitively understand the types and attributes of fruits. Generally, firmer fruits such as apples and pears can be arranged at the bottom, while soft and fragile fruits such as peaches and plums should be arranged at the top. In addition, in order to avoid fruit extrusion and collision, the space and quantity of fruit should be arranged reasonably.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight: Metal fruit baskets should be protected from direct sunlight, and can be placed in a shade or use a shade cloth. Direct sunlight can spoil and discolor fruit, reducing its aesthetics and nutritional value.
  4. Pay attention to the temperature: fruits at room temperature are more likely to be damaged than refrigerated fruits, and high temperature environments should be avoided as much as possible. In addition, when using metal fruit baskets, you can consider placing them in a well-ventilated place to ensure the freshness of the fruit and reduce the risk of rot.
  5. Choose the right fruit basket: According to different venues and environments, it is very important to choose the right fruit basket. Appropriate size and shape can better meet the needs of displaying fruit, while material and quality can affect the safety and service life of the fruit basket.

When using metal fruit baskets, the above aspects need to be paid attention to to ensure the quality and nutritional value of the fruit, while also improving the customer experience.

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