Metal Bread Basket With Canvas Liner

As a treat for this new year 2023, I’m excited to share with you our new design metal black bread basket with canvas liner. And best of all, this bread basket is pretty nice.
As a metal basket manufacturer, we are glad to share different design bread basket to you.

YesYing produce different style wire basket which suit to different market, such as european, usa, asia,etc.

YesYing canvas and metal bread basket is made as the food grade standard and pass the LFGB certificated.

About YesYing Factory

Yesying Company Limited fully owns Xinhui Daze Yesying Hardware Factory located in Jiangmen Guangdong China. Founded in 2014 as the artisan in manufacturing with BSCI certificate, we specializes in supplying iron, stainless steel and other metal storage and decoration products from indoor to outdoor for home, office, hotel, restaurant and so on, especially fit for kitchen and bathroom.

This Style bread basket is not only for bread, any food is available.

2023 Latest Bread Basket from YesYing factory

Bread Basket



Size could be do in your requested

European market, like Germany, Denmark, Italy etc.

Other Style Bread Basket in our factory

Equip your kitchen with practical accessories that include a bread basket. Highlight your dining table with a YesYing produced bread basket. It is made of a combination of refined steel and high-quality textiles with dimensions of 21.3 x 21.3 x 11 cm . The design in black color fits perfectly into many styles of table decoration. Little things make a difference!

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White Canvas Bread Basket

Fresh, crispy rolls and fragrant toast presented in an elegant bread basket – this is how the day can start. The chic fabric insert keeps the baked goods wonderfully warm. By the way: Sweet delicacies such as waffles and muffins can also be served in this basket. This basket with the food grade cloth insert and metal material is passed the food grade test. For selling in Europe is perfect. Save the table from crumbs.


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