Spice Rack

A spice rack is an essential and practical piece of kitchenware for every household. It is a place where you can store your spices and make them easily accessible.There are many different types of spice racks available in the market. You can choose from 2 tier, 3 tier, free standing, wall mounted or custom coloured options with iron or stainless steel material. The sturdy spice rack will be able to hold all your spices without toppling over and spilling them everywhere.

2 Tier Spice Rack: is best for people with a small amount of spices. It can hold up to 12-14 jars or bottles.The advantage of this type of spice rack is that it takes up less space on the countertop and it doesn’t take up any room in the cabinet when not in use.Two tier spice racks are great for small kitchens because they don’t take up much space and they’re easy to access.
3 Tier Spice Racks: consist of three levels that can be mounted on the wall or placed on a countertop. These racks usually have short shelves to hold taller items like bottles and jars.Three tier spice racks are perfect for larger kitchens because they offer more storage and display space, but they do take up more room on the countertop.
Free standing spice racks: can be moved around easily, but may not work well in small kitchens because they’re not fixed in one place.
Wall-mounted spice rack: offers an attractive, decorative way to store your spices and it also frees up more counter space in your kitchen.

Yesying Professional Spice Rack is a modern, elegant and functional storage solution that can be used in any kitchen. We provides a 2 tier, 3 tier or free standing design for counsumer’s convenience. The rack comes with an iron or stainless steel frame and sturdy shelves that are made of a durable material. Customized colour of the racks is avaialble to suit your kitchen style and decor preference.This spice rack will help you keep your spices organized and easily accessible at all times.

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