How to maintain hardware household products

Details determine success or failure, and hardware is indispensable in home decoration. For the metal steel shelf rack basket organization at bathroom or kitchen, detail cleaning is important. In the daily cleaning process, people will ignore cleaning issue, and they are not clean or cared for very much, so this is why sometime our client will ask why this bathroom rust so fast, how to choose hardware household products,anti rust metal rack, hardware household basket basket, shelf. Actually, mastering some correct methods can effectively prolong the service life of hardware products. Pay attention and care more about a little, and there will be unexpected effects.

Some practical hardware maintenance tips, let’s take a look.

1.Avoiding bumps. The metal frame should be handled with care during the handling process; the place where the metal frame is placed should be a place where hard objects are not often encountered; one the place is selected, it should not be changed frequently; the ground where the metal frame is placed should also be kept flat so that the metal rack shelf four legs are stable and flat on the ground. If they shake unsteadily, the metal rack shelf will slightly deformed over time, which will affact the service life of the metal household product.

anti rust the metal rack

2.Cleaning the dust. It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag to wipe the surface of the metal household product. For the dust in the depressions and reliefs on the metal products, it is best to use a soft wool brush to remove the dust.

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3.Staying away from acid and alkali. Acids and bases that are corrosive to metal. If acid(such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) or alkali(such as methine, soapy water, soda water) is accidentally stained on the metal frame, rinse the stain with clean water immediately, and then dry it with a dry cotton cloth.

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4.Staying away from the sun. The location of the metal frame is best to avoid direct sunlight outside the window. If the metal frame is exposed to the sun for a long time, the paint clor will change; the colored paint layer will dry and peel off, and the metal will oxidize and deteriorate. If the metal rack can not removed dut to strong sunlight, it can be blacked with curtains or blinds.

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5.Keeping away from moisture. Indoor humidity should be maintained within normal values. Metal rack should be kept away from humidifiers. Humidity will cause metal corrosion and chrome plated will case stripping. When cleaning, do not use boiling water to clean the metal product. You can wipe it with a damp cloth, but do not wash it with running water.

6.Eliminate rust. If the metal products is rusty, don’t take it upon yourself to sand it down. If the rust is small and shallow, you can use cotton gauze dipped in engine oil to appy it to the rust, wait a while, and wipe it with a cloth to remove the rust. If the rust has enlarged and become heavy, relevant technical personnel should be invited to repair it.

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